Our God Stories

All of us have a story.  

There are parts of our story we are proud of and parts we may share with only a few trusted friends, if at all.  Our stories help us connect with one another, build each other’s faith in God and demonstrate how God has been present in our lives.

At Life, we value authenticity and sharing the real version of ourselves.  We are grateful for those who are brave and share their testimony on video, so people they may never have the privilege of meeting, may be built up.

May these videos encourage you in your faith journey.

Jennifer and David Yoder

It's never too late to build the right foundation

They met on a night out on the town with friends. Neither expecting the relationship to last very long, until God intersected their lives through some close, caring friends. Jennifer and David found themselves at a place of decision, continue on the path they knew or go all-in with God and walk a new path?

Pat Martin

Shedding the Shell of What Once Was

Pat had a past that was dictating his path in life. A hunting trip with a truck full of buddies changed the way he envisioned his future. Shedding the shell of the man he once was, he has allowed God to take the direction on where his life will go. 

Russ & Flossie Epley

Experiencing Shalom in the darkest of days

Russ and Flossie served together in Japan for the majority of their lives. Experiencing God working through them in many relationships. However, during two of their most challenging and uncertain seasons, God’s Shalom (Peace) carried them in ways they could not have imagined.

Allen & Deb Shaw

God sees beyond our scope of vison

Allen had something taken from him that changed the outlook of his daily and financial life. Life changed but the provision that God had for Allen and Deb Shaw never left. Through His graces and advancement in technology, Allen had new methods of spreading God's message to a new international reach. 

Joan Burton

Choosing Faith when You Can't See the Light

It is not our plan, but His plan. Joan discusses the struggles of losing sight of the light & walking by faith while her husband, Bill, fought a tough battle to cancer. Bill reassures that it will all be okay, because it is God's plan, and there is nothing better. 


An unexpected friendship

Sally and Marylee had no idea a friendly wave and warm smile would begin to bridge the racial gap between three women who lived very different lives.  Bridging this gap eventually led them to consider each other family, providing the opportunity to throw Luddell her 1st ever birthday party.

Dave and Mary Beth Gerdom

When Doom & Gloom is All Surrounding

Dave was alone and the absence of touch was taking a toll on his spiritual strength. Until he agreed that he needed God. It was then Dave realized that even in illness, God refused to leave his side.

It prompted, please share how these God Stories have impacted you: