Who we support

World Partners USA helps Missionary Churches fulfill their cross-cultural responsibilities to the Great Commission. As people from local congregations feel called to the mission field, World Partners provides care and structure to help them find their place of ministry overseas.

The Missionary Church desires that every church be involved in international ministry, and World Partners provides a means for that to happen.

Life Community Missionary Church, like most local congregations, provides prayer and financial support that allows missionaries to fulfill their calling from God.

Forgotten Children

Forgotten Children Worldwide responds to the call of the Great Commission by going throughout the world, by representing the transformative love of the ONE who declared that love knows no bounds. Each day, we are challenged to be the living representations of the ONE who changed everything.

Here at Life Community, we support the ministry by sponsoring several children in Uganda. We believe in the message of Christ to 'offer a cup of cold water in my name.' We believe this is one way to do that. 

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The vision of Gospelink is to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and to help them to grow spiritually by empowering national preachers.

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In As Much Ministry

INASMUCH Mission Statement


Helping people in need-We offer food, clothes, bus passes for job search and limited financial assistance.

Offering hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ-We share the Gospel with each client and pray with them.

Promoting personal responsibility-We feel clients need to have some type of personal investment in addressing their needs

At LCC, we value and support this local ministry. to learn more and how to get involved click here: www.inasmuchministry.org

Global Missionaries

Jim & Dawn Anderson - Ripe for Harvest

S. Beers-Conley - For safety - Undisclosed location;
(Shana teaches English and forms relationships with students and teachers in her community with the goal of sharing the gospel and making disciples who make disciples.)

Edward & Hia Kim - Germany

Janet Nickel - Sierre Leone, Africa

Tim & Ruth Stuck - Spain

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